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"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my guitar lessons with Joe Shimmin. Joe was an excellent teacher, who listened carefully to me and tailored the lessons to suit my needs, and followed up the lessons with emails containing pieces I could practice at home for the following week, which was much appreciated. He was patient and good at explaining what I needed to do to progress as a guitar player and I feel as if I have come on in leaps and bounds since starting these lessons. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone else wanting to take up guitar lessons." - Nadia Holmes
"I have been a student for five months now and have benefitted enormously from the lessons. They have brought structure and a wealth of experience to my haphazard playing. Joe is a very good teacher and has the patience of a saint, which suits me." - Paul Watson
"I have really enjoyed taking classes with Joe over the last months. He has provided me with crucial background and theory to improve my skills week on week. At the same time he brings it to life with real songs and examples." - Niels Hamelink
"Joe is an excellent teacher. I progressed quickly under his tuition and he has set me on a good path. He's very knowledgeable and a nice guy to boot. I hope I can return soon." - Felipe Canfora
"I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered the guitar cities studio right next to our headquarters in the city in Houndsditch. Being able to do guitar lessons during a lunchtime is really invaluable when it is virtually impossible to get to a lesson locally during the week in Hertfordshire. The tuition offered by Joe Shimmin is excellent . Even though I am a beginner, I am always being challenged by Joe to push the boundaries and try new techniques and pieces of music. Highly recommended." - Andy S.
"I enjoyed being tutored by a young man Joe who is very knowledgeable. He is very patient, nice personality and though it was my first lesson I left feeling that I wanted to continue learning to play the guitar. Thanks very much." - Marcia Holder-Reece
"Sven is an absolutely amazing teacher..he gauges the students situation and adopts to it. He is very talented and is ready to take on any challenge with the guitar. Inexperienced or experienced you will have a lot to learn from Sven. I am a student and have gained a wealth of knowledge in a very short period of time. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of a guitar." - Lakii Liyanage
"Sven is an excellent teacher. I have attempted to improve my guitar playing a few times over the years, and Sven is the best teacher I have had. I never quite mastered barre chords before, and it turns out it was because my left hand wasn't in the correct position; something Sven pointed out straight away. It's amazing the difference his advice has made. He is also very good at explaining music theory which is something I was quite interested in learning. I think Sven can help you become a better guitarist no matter what level you're at." - Catriona Corley
"Sven is an excellent teacher. Very professional and extremely patient. As teacher myself I really appreciated how Sven could adapt to my approach to learning and not have a 'one size fits all' approach. I will really miss my lessons and should I decide to take more lessons I will be back booking with Sven. Thank you Sven." - Tabitha Lewis
"I have started to attend Sven Sauber lessons a few weeks ago. Have to admit the lessons are very good and straight forward. You would think that 30 minutes won't be enough, but he manages to give just enough information and knowledge which you can polish of and practice later in your own time. He uses an email to send you all the notes that you have covered after each lesson. I have never played a guitar before and now after 4 weeks of lessons I am feeling much more confident with the guitar. I would definitely recommend him." - Romans Altuhovs
"I tried learning the guitar with two other schools over the years and thought it was going ok but not great. Then I tried Guitar Cities via a voucher and haven't looked back. Sven's approach to teaching is so simple and sensible that I have come so far with him. So much farther than with either of the other two music schools. He starts with the basics and makes it seem so simple and easy. I would seriously encourage anyone from beginner to experienced wanting to take themselves to that next level to give them a go. You won't be disappointed." - Danielle Wetherell
"Jim is so encouraging and patient while navigating the lesson through all the complexities and beauty of the guitar. One does not have to have a musical background to study with him. The Guitar Cities style of teaching allows the student to have a practical learning experience first. I highly recommend Guitar Cities." - Catherine Z.
"As a suburban commuter to my job in the loop, finding Jim has made it possible to continue my interest in learning guitar. He has been flexible and accommodating in rearranging lessons based on my schedule. Also, I like Jim's laid back, yet cerebral, teaching style." - Robert B.
"I'd dreamed of playing guitar ever since I was a teenager, but life somehow got in the way and I never seemed to find the time. As a middle-aged woman, part of me doubted that I should pursue that dream again. But my lessons at Guitar Chicago encouraged and inspired me. Jim is such a great teacher that I quickly overcame my fears and discovered that I might have some talent after all. Nowadays, the highlight of my week is going to class. And every time I leave, my passion is further ignited. Not only is my money well-spent, but I feel lucky to have met a mentor who is an outstanding guitarist himself and whose patience and knowledge make the lessons fun!" - Joanne P.
"I've been working with Jim for more than two years and the experience has been terrific. Jim has been and continues to be a great teacher in developing my lesson plan to reflect my musical preferences and abilities. I might never give up the "real job" of attorney that I've had for nearly 30 years to pursue a musical career, but I can say this without hesitation - for all of you professionals out there who still have "guitar god" aspirations, Guitar Chicago is the place to come." - Frank P.
"Playing guitar during the work day is hard to beat. I shut down my email, walk down the street, grab a pick and start playing. Jim's approach to teaching is clever, they keep things at an appropriate pace and he sets the lesson plan according to what is most important to the student. His knowledge and talent runs deep, and he's not a bad guy to hang out with in the middle of the day." - Scott C.


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